How to avoid the summer doldrums

June 13th, 2017

School's out - hooray! While this is great for kids, parents may find themselves thinking about how they're going to fill up 3 months of vacation with some trepidation. Fear not, Edlio is here with some suggestions!

  1. Learn to code with MIT Scratch (best for younger kids) and then graduate to Codeacademy.
  2. Teach yourself that language you’ve always wanted to learn with Duolingo. Du kan snakke og skrive norsk! 
  3. Build your own robot butler with Lego Robots or Arduino.
  4. It’s time for some science projects! We like to stick to the classics - turn a potato into a battery, dissolve eggshells, and grow a crystal sculpture.
  5. More of an arts ’n crafts type? Try your hand at creating ice chalk and foam paint.

Needless to say, these projects are really for all ages - so don’t be surprised if Team Edlio trades the ping-pong games for Lego robots and baking soda and vinegar volcanoes this summer!