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An Edlio Anniversary

September 18th, 2017

In the summer of 2007, a star was born… Yvonne, our VP of Production, started working at Edlio! With ten years under her belt, she’s Edlio’s first employee. Since those halcyon days, a lot has changed. We’ve grown to over 7,600 websites, opened offices in multiple countries, and currently have a team of over 100 - and Yvonne has seen it all!

Back in 2007, Yvonne was looking for a temporary summer job while she applied to teaching positions. In an economically troubled year, with the Great Recession right around the corner, she decided to look for any school-related position, teaching or otherwise. After a rocky beginning - “My first day, I remember I was dressed in a suit, and no one else was! [Ali] told me I was overdressed.” -- she quickly learned the ropes. Before she knew it, summer had come and gone, and Yvonne was still at Edlio. Upon realizing that this wouldn’t be a ‘summer job’, she says she felt strongly about “connecting homes and classrooms because of my teaching background”, and that working at Edlio felt like “being a part of something that was working towards that goal”. We’ve heard time and time again that Edlio changes their school systems and in turn, their children’s lives - some people even say that there’s a direct correlation between teacher engagement and students’ testing and performance!


While her job title may have changed throughout the past ten years, one thing has stayed consistent: her role and responsibilities have kept expanding! Yvonne is now the VP of Production, and leads the biggest team in the company. Under her guidance, the production and support teams craft new sites, keep Spike’s Gallery stocked with fresh designs, assist customers, help schools craft new logos, and much more. Oftentimes, she’ll also meet with clients like Antonian College Prep, who had this to say about their meeting:


“I was met with sincerity, knowledge, drive, and a willingness to make things happen and/or explain why they could not be. She was so detailed in her handling of our site and moreso her service that I found myself promoting your company to our faculty and others. Yvonne’s type of quality service and professional demeanor is something lacking in our community and I am eternally grateful she was here to get this project finished.”


So, what does the future hold for Yvonne and Edlio? Here’s a clue:


“I love Ali’s idea of becoming a verb, so just like Uber or Google, you would Edlio. I don’t know how to get there yet, but I like the idea that we’re opening up our product offerings to more than just websites. Kids and parents are on the go, they’re on their phones, they need more than just a desktop solution for information, and so I love that we’re now including tools like email sender and text and voice alerts. And, the partnership with Sangha can be really substantial moving forward, and really game-changing for a lot of schools.”


You heard it here first! Pro-tip: if you’re the first one in your school to start saying you’re “Edlioing”, you’ll be known as a trendsetter forever.