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Featured Website Design of the Week 06/20/19

June 20, 2019

Chesterfield Day School in Chesterfield, MO is Edlio’s site of the week! I love the “Take a Tour” feature, where you can take a virtual tour of each individual classroom, cafeteria and gym! This is super helpful for parents to see so they can see all parts of the school prior to visiting and will already have a sense of the environment. I also love the “Core Curriculum” section found under “The CDS Difference”. All the subjects are listed with various aspects of content and methods of learning students will utilize throughout them. This is additionally helpful to parents because they are provided information regarding what their child will learn, and the methods they will use to do so. The “Apply to CDS” section, found under “Admissions” has a clear outline of the admission process, thoroughly describing what each step entails. This further encourages parents to apply, as every step within the simple process is defined in detail.

Upon scrolling down on the home page, you will see the title “What Makes CDS Exceptional?” with a description beneath it. I love that they included this on the home page because visitors to the site will immediately become aware of the school’s mission and diversity.

Check out more of their site here!

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