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Featured Website Design of the Week: 10/24/19

October 24, 2019

The Urban Assembly Institute in Brooklyn is Edlio’s Site of the Week! This recently launched site features a modern homepage design, strong branding, and intelligent social buttons. We love how UAI has implemented a unique slideshow on the right side of their homepage while also highlighting what their purpose is with “educating young women to be the STEM leaders of the future!” in large font. This gives visitors a clear idea of what this school stands for.


The Urban Assembly Institute also showcases its school colors consistently and smoothly across its site, switching between three main colors for the page background and font color. The school’s colors are brilliantly integrated into the design of the social buttons on the bottom of the homepage, making the logos of each social channel feel truly like the Lady Eagles!

Check out more of their site at https://www.uainstitute.org/