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Featured Website Design of the Week: 11/07/2019

November 7, 2019

St. John Vianney Catholic School in San Jose is Edlio’s Site of the Week! This exciting website features a beautiful infographic, clean news and calendar placement, and strong mega menu designs. In collaboration with Edlio, St. John Vianney presents a visually inviting infographic on the homepage that tells the school’s history to prospective families. While the infographic serves its main purpose of showcasing the numbers important to the school, it also highlights the school’s branding and vision by being centered around the school crest. Additionally, we love how the news and calendar sections on their homepage naturally blend in and are easily accessible.


St. John Vianney’s website navigation is made easy because of the mega menus that drop down from the top of the page. The mega menus also feature individual images when the menu drops down, a subtle but beautiful design that distinguishes St. John Vianney’s website from others and creates a warm user experience.

Check out more of their site at https://www.sjvsj.org/