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Featured Website Design of the Week: 08/29/19

August 29, 2019

Seminole ISD in Texas is Edlio’s featured site of the week! This beautiful site conveys a deep sense of community while interactive buttons on the homepage help engage all visitors. Our team loves how the district has used their Edlio website to showcase the role that the entire community plays in Seminole’s learning environment. Whether it’s dedicating an entire section of “About Us” to the community, or including the history of the district (dating all the way back to 1906), they’ve done a great job of using their site to convey their passion.

We also like how engaging the homepage of this website is. Not only is the layout interactive and exciting, but the district’s decision to dedicate an entire portion to testimonials and pictures of their schools has really paid off. Prospective parents can easily learn about the district’s achievements and immediately get the feeling that every school plays an important role in the community.

Check out more of their site here!