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Featured Website Design of the Week: 08/15/19

August 15, 2019

Riverside Drive Charter School in Sherman Oaks, CA is Edlio’s site of the week! This wonderful website does an amazing job at engaging this school's entire education community while their whimsical design creates a positive atmosphere for better communication.


By scrolling down the homepage, you can see the “Recent News” section that showcases important events for the school, such as the “Ice Cream Social”. This shows a strong sense of the school. Under the “Parents Section”, the website has breakfast and lunch menus posted so students and parents can know what's being served in advance, which helps them plan more efficiently and is very helpful.  Upon clicking on the “Academics” section, there is a sub-section called “Teacher Resources” that provides teachers with any school related information they might be seeking. I have never seen a school website that also targets teacher concerns, which I think is useful so all members of the school community have a common resource.

The color coordination present throughout the website and little details make it very unique, and very pleasing to the eye! Our whole team really likes how whimsical it feels as it makes learning and communicating more fun and refreshing.

Check out more of their site here!


About Caroline

My name is Caroline Bradkin, and I am a seventeen year-old high school senior at Palisades Charter High School. I am the Director of Communications for Palisades DECA, a program that prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in various aspects of business. I am also the founder of the Board Games Club, a club dedicated to limiting technology use and teaching younger kids how to play games. I also cheer for my high school varsity cheer team and have been since my sophomore year. When I am not at school, I enjoy volunteering at NKLA, a no-kill animal shelter in Los Angeles. I am joining Edlio this summer through The Intern Project (TIP) as a marketing intern. After high school, I plan on pursuing a career in marketing or communications.