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Featured Website Design of the Week: 10/10/19

October 10, 2019
Mater Dei

Mater Dei Prep in New Jersey is the #EdlioSOTW! Mater Dei Prep’s website features interactive quick links and buttons as well as a beautiful homepage video. Our team really likes how the quick links respond as you scroll through their homepage. The light font colors of these sections complement each other and highlight the school’s colors extremely well. 


The school’s branding is strong throughout the homepage and website, starting with the contrasting color text block “pride in our past, faith in our future.” The message’s formatting leaves a strong first impression as you navigate the website. Mater Dei Prep also strategically utilizes bold font to grab your attention.


Mater Dei Prep also spent a lot of time on their inside pages and it shows. Our team appreciates the attention to detail and rich content on the inside pages. Each page is full of pertinent information and formatted in an easy-to-digest way, making great use of spacing and bullet points.


screenshot of inside page

Check out more of their site at http://www.materdeiprep.org/!