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Featured Website Design of the Week: 08/22/19

August 22, 2019

Madison Academy in Madison, AL is Edlio’s site of the week! This school boasts a clean and professional homepage and a dedicated website for athletics. On the homepage, a very professional video of the school is present. This is a great feature because it immediately informs site visitors of all the school has to offer. By clicking the “Athletics” section, visitors will be taken to a completely separate website dedicated purely to the school’s athletics. I really like this feature because it allows for more organization and focus on the school’s stellar athletic program. The school has also done an excellent job at keeping their calendar, stats, and important announcements up to date which helps to build a stronger sense of community. 


Further down the homepage, there is a section titled “At A Glance” that boasts notable achievements of the school, such as their high college acceptance rate and apple device to student ratio. I really like how they’ve chosen to include these as it helps entice prospective parents to enroll their child at the school.

Check out their site here!


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