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Edlio in the Windy City

October 18th, 2017
Meet our Chicago team! Our #chitown office is home to our midwest sales team. When they're not closing deals, they're eating pizza, heading to Wrigley Field, and convincing everyone in the other offices that they need to visit Chicago ASAP. Read on to learn more about our newest office! 

1. Give us a quick elevator pitch about yourself!

Annette: My name is Annette Carrabotta, I am a Chicago native and a graduate from Dominican University. I have two dogs Chief ( a Dalmatian) and Cajun (a Catahoula Leopard Dog ) who both are abscessed with adventures. I am an active beach volleyball competitor as well as a head club volleyball coach. And the two things I can't live without is Italian food and Bulls Basketball.  

Brian: So I'm born and raised in Chicago. I went to college for Animation. Before working in Sales I worked in Film for a few years. Check out my IMDB page ;) My hobbies are illustration, movies, and sports. 

Amanda: I'm a Cheese Enthusiast who's social calendar is determined by free wifi. Passionate about flannel shirts, taco dip, and intimate rooftop concerts. Chicago-native who enjoys long brunches and solo afternoons of downloading new music.  

Alex: Hi, I'm Alex and I am an artist and animal lover. 

Mary: My name is Mary Piriczky and I am a native Hoosier that lives in the Chicago area with my two children Claire and Charles and my husband Chad and our fur baby Brutus. We love spending time by the beach and doing anything outdoorsy! I love working in education and believe in equity for every child in every school. I have been a vegetarian for over half my life.

Sarah: My name is Sarah Ungar, and I just moved to Chicago from Cleveland on a whim about a year ago! I recently graduated from Bates College, where I studied philosophy and religion (despite parental protest). I am best known in the office for laughing at my own jokes, and personally financing my neighborhood Trader Joes. 

Sandy:  I am Sandy Chavez and I have worked in the educational technology space for over 15 years and love selling great educational software.  I have an outgoing personality and I love learning new things and pitching great ideas.

Venisha: My passion in life is to help young women realize their true potential! Very often children are overshadowed and blinded by their circumstances, and sometimes all they need is someone to teach them how to navigate through life and to be resilient. This is why I founded Little sisters, Big Dreams! A non-profit organization that I am currently laying the groundwork for to become big one day! 

2. What are some of your favorite things to do on the weekend?

Amanda: See how many episodes of various shows I can binge watch on any streaming platform my roommate and her family have accounts for.
Mary: On the weekends I love taking my kiddos to the museums in Chicago and reading!

Sandy: I love to do yoga as I used to be a yoga instructor, I like to hike and ski with my kids and enjoy all their sports and activities which fill up my weekends.

3. Where in the US are you most eager to travel to? 

Alex: I would love to travel to New Orleans, there is so much interesting history there!
Brian: I would really like to travel to Hawaii and the Pacific Northwest.

Venisha: Puerto Rico (not a state, but a US territory). I love the culture, beauty and the strength of the people.

4. What are some sightseeing places we should definitely visit when traveling to Chicago? 

Annette: My sightseeing places would be food places... ZED451, Pequods, Kuma's Corner: West Loop, Billy Goat Tavern (Original), Barcocina, and The VIG Chicago.
Amanda: Any restaurant that makes pizza!
Sandy: Grant park, Michigan Avenue, shopping at Christmas time at Water Tower Place and definitely Wrigley Field to watch our Cubbies!

5. What was your favorite subject in school? 

Venisha: Science was my favorite subject in school. In fact, before I received my B.A. in Sociology, I earned my A.S. in Biological Sciences.
Mary: My favorite subject in school was English.
Sarah: Philosophy has always been my favorite subject!