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Edlio's Summer Intern Class of 2017

September 18th, 2017


The start of summer heralds many things at the Edlio offices: the chance to finally go to the beach on our lunch breaks, an opportunity to redesign some of our school sites before the next school year, and time to reflect on the previous school year. But most importantly, it signifies the arrival of our summer interns!

Every year we welcome interns from Los Angeles and Austin-area high schools and colleges to spend the summer with the Edlio team, playing ping-pong and hopefully learning a thing or two. Some interns even stay beyond the summer - in fact, two of our software development team members, Kenia and Karina, started as interns two years ago! Needless to say, summer always feels a little too short at the Team Edlio offices.

This summer, we partnered with The Intern Project to bring in two high school interns into our Los Angeles office. Payton and Miguel spent the summer working alongside our marketing and development teams and now know what it takes to run a school website from “behind the curtain”! Another high school student, James, joined us from an Edlio high school in the Los Angeles area - it was especially helpful to get his perspective on using Edlio as a student! Lastly, we welcomed Audrey and Jeff as college interns at our Austin and Los Angeles offices - they’re graphic design and video superstars, so a great deal of our creative content this past summer was thanks to them!

Are you curious about what it’s like to be an Edlio intern, a high schooler in 2017, or our interns' projects? We have several posts from the Edlio Class of 2017. Take a look!

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